• World Population reached 7 Billion.
  • Flying cars appeared on the market.
  • The Plague hit, wiping out 50% of the human population.


  • Martial law is declared in most of the industrialized world to combat disease.
  • Population of the USA is microchipped at birth.


  • Worldwide, wars end as countries recall their armies to deal with domestic problems.


  • The Great Recovery begins. Abundant resources heralds new age of prosperity worldwide.
  • Hyperinflation begins to grip the USA.


  • Apple collapses, leaving Android in a position to Monopolize the smartphone market, leading in turn to greater reliance on Android products for online and in-store purchasing.


  • The Tea Party returns to power, and privatizes most of the US government functions.
  • China begins lunar probes.
  • Genetic enhancement, and robotic enhancement to the human body becomes a fashion statement.


  • The Second Coming occurs. Jesus backs the tea party, and they gain even more control over the house and senate.


  • All children have their genes mapped at birth.


  • Solar power overtakes fossil fuels as cheapest source of energy.
  • Keyboard and mice become obsolete with new voice and eye controlled computers.


  • Tea party fails to reach goals. US govt is bankrupt.
  • The Caliphate comes to power across much of the Middle East, unifying it.


  • Global Warming accepted as fact. Global warming by this point has undeniable effects.


  • The Third Coming occurs in the Middle East, this time, Jesus backs the newly formed caliphate.


  • Atlantis begins to reappear in Pacific.
  • Women finally catch up to men in pay.
  • NASA sold to private company SpAces Wild and develops Moon Base 1.
  • China lands people on the moon in collaboration with Moon Base 1.


  • World population recovers to full strength (8 Billion people).


  • Atlantis emerges completely.
  • First cases of Mutant class appear, and the first confrontation with police.
  • Content Not Found: Canary video goes viral, exposing mutants, and National Guard reaction to Mutants, to the world.
  • The West Coast of the USA falls into the sea.
  • China invades the USA straight after the collapse, controlling much of the west coast, and taking Atlantis.
  • The US surrenders West Coast waters in exchange for debt relief and disaster relief from China.
  • The First Superheroes form first base of operations in Virginia, after escaping Kentucky High’s shooting.



  • US Debt is paid off with Chinese Aid.
  • Social Security is abolished, and remainder in SS trust fund is distributed to major corporations as an economic stimulus boost.
  • Smythe Industries reaps the benefits through both direct and indirect channels.


  • Computers pass the Turing Test.
  • Medtech discovers cure for aging.


  • Cancer rates double.
  • The Arctic is ice free during the summer.


  • Computers are controllable by thought.
  • Most jobs are now replaced by computers, leading to massive unemployment worldwide.


  • US dissatisfied with Tea Party ousts them from power.
  • European Union begins pre-emptive assault on The Caliphate


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