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The Good Old Days

The world looked a lot different in the year 2032 to those who’d come before it.

Some things they saw coming, or at least some of em did. Economic turmoil, political turmoil, environmental. Whatever. People keep saying it’s easy to see with hindsight, and maybe some people just got lucky with the guesses when they were pontificating.

There were some things that nobody saw coming, or at least, if they did, anyone with enough sense to be listened to had enough sense to keep his mouth shut for fear of being run out of town or into an asylum.

The plague, the rise of Atlantis, the second (and third) comings, and the rise of the Mutant class, and all that entailed. Heck if it weren’t for that last little detail, I reckon there mightn’t have been anyone to recognize now or not.

But that story is for another time .

- Jebidiah Hofstadter, Historian and Mutant Biographer.

Main Page

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